Friday, November 16, 2012

The Essential Guide for Educating Beginning English Learners

Over the years people come up to me at conferences to tell me about their dream of writing a book and ask how I got started. Here is the information on a workshop I will be presenting on this topic that was distributed by the Bergen-Passaic Chapter of NJTESOL/NJBE.

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Don't know where to start?

Spend an intimate afternoon on November 27 from 4:00-5:30 pm as we welcome our distinguished speaker and acclaimed author, Judie Haynes. She will present her new book The Essential Guide for Educating Beginning English Learners (co-written with Debbie Zacarian). Judie will share the process of how to get started: finding an editor, preparing a proposal, and selling an idea to a publisher. She will also talk about the benefits of self-publishing. A free copy of Judie's book will be given to one of the participants. Bring your own copy of the book if you'd like it to be autographed.

Judie Haynes is a founding member of the Bergen/Passaic Chapter, Past President of NJTESOL/NJBE and the author of seven books.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Raza said...

Nice Post.English is very necessary Language to improve skills English Learning Guide to be consider

vidhatanand said...

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vidhatanand said...

Good One!
Building vocabulary is also one of the essential things to improve Vocabulary.

Shiney Roberts said...

Great Information!!!
If you want to improve your English and want to be a good English speaker then you have to work with your vocabulary skills. In this book, Judie describes very well and it is very useful to beginners.

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