Tuesday, February 9, 2010

K-5 Web Sites for English Language Learners

Attention all elementary ESL and classroom teachers! Do you want to discover great web sites for the English language learners in your class? Here is a painless way to give students English language practice in the classroom or at home. These sites are designed for ELLs in grades K-5.
Sites for Grades 1-2
Starfall.com- Reading instruction and games for students in Pre-K-1. It's hard to believe this site is free.
Reading is Fundamental. Look at the many stories for grades 2-6 students.
Storyplace.org -a site with online stories and activities. Grades pre-K-Kindergarten.
British Council Stories -This site has many stories that are read aloud. Check for spelling and pronunciation differences.
Games on PBS Kids - Games for K-2. "WordPlay" can be used for students in grades 3-4.
Arthur -Sequencing activity where students hear a story and put pictures in order.
Storyline Online -A terrific site with stories read by actors from the ScreenActors' Guild. Grades 1-4.
Reading-A-To-Z - This is a commercial site with free books that you can download and print. Grades 1-4.
Raz-kids.com-Reading and listening activities for elementary age students. This is not a free website but is well worth the minimal cost.
Tumblebook Library – This is a wonderful collection of online books that is well worth the cost. Prices are for schools, school districts or public libraries, not indiviiduals. Take the free trial to check it out.
Berenstain Bears Games and Songs - Great activities for young children including word games, songs and puzzles. Grades K-1.
Enchanted learning Printable books and information written for students in grades K-5.
Continent song Good for students learning the names of the continents.
Sites for Grades 3-5
Discover Science Simulations Science content from Houghton Mifflin Science Series. Gr. 2-5
KidsKnowit Network - Learning videos for students is grades 3-6.
Grammar Gorillas for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5
Bookhive.com -This site has multicultural children's stories told by famous storytellers. Be sure to
Postcards from Buster - See Buster�s adventures from various places in the U.S. Each city has video, audio, map skills and games. Grades 3-5.
Scholastic - A program for kids to make flashcards. Grades 3-5
Surfing the Net with Kids -Site with games and puzzles in different subject areas.
Book Report - Students make a book report sandwich. Grades 4-5.
Literactive This site has great oral stories and games for grades 1-12.
Spelling Wizard - Use spelling words to make a word search or sentence scramble. Grades 3-5.
Songs and Rhymes- Songs for students in all grades.
Zoom - Games, activities and science experiments from the TV Show Zoom. Grades 4-5.


Matt said...

Thank you. This is a great resource. It reminds me of the saying, "if there is a will, there is a way." Now if there is a computer and internet so many wonderful resources are available for teaching English.

Shiney Roberts said...

At present, Online learning courses became very popular. So as for english language learners. people give more preference to online courses rather then traditional classes. These online learning services provide different courses according to learner's knowledge level. With these courses, you can learn anytime and anywhere. Thanks for sharing resources for online learning.
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